Monday, June 9, 2008


I just bought a new pair of gladiators from Fred Flare. This online shopping thing is really not good for my bank account... But I loved these shoes so much:

And imagine my surprise when there was only ONE size 8 available! I snatched that up faster than a socialite going to a Chanel sample sale. They're more appropriate than flip-flops (or appropriate for fighting lions, as a male friend mentioned) but will still keep my feet cool. AND they were only $24!

À la prochaine,

La Petite Californienne

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Perfect Bag

I've been searching for the perfect tan bag for a few months. It needs to be big, but not too big and a soft, creamy brown. I've found the right bag:

It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Faridah bag. Isn't it perfect? The bag is completely not-trendy and classic, which I love. If I'm going to shell out $500 on a bag, it better last me a long while. I can just see myself in the streets of New York City, interning at some magazine publication with this gorgeous bag!
However, its $452... Which means this is what I'm going to save up for. When I bought MY (as in, I paid with it with money I made working) first 'expensive' item ($88 jeans,) you better believe I took care of those jeans like they were my first-born child. Maybe it's a psychological thing, but people just take better care of things that are theirs. Anyways, I make about $10 an hour, and i work about 25 hours a week, so in a month I should be able to buy this bag. Or, I can stop by the MbyMJ store on Fillmore and see it for myself :)

Have any of you seen/own a perfect tan bag?

À la prochaine,

La Petite Californienne

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Can anyone really wear a romper? Every time I see one at a store, I marvel at how 'hoochie-mama' most rompers look. Also, I don't really understand the concept... It's like a shirt and shorts put together. A dress but not? Many people don't wear them, simply because they are so hard to pull off... Which probably is a good thing, because I've only seen it pulled off correctly once:

Scott Schulman/The Sartorialist

I love the romper itself. It's so simple and it seems so actually wearable. The belt REALLY does make the outfit complete. I'm not a big fan of the shoes, but I think any tan shoes would make this outfit 'work.' The outfit does not seem very practical, from a 'professional' side but it would be nice to wear to a concert... If I could find this romper, I would definitely buy it, but for now, I'm eschewing rompers.

Anyways, would YOU wear a romper?

À la prochaine,

La Petite Californienne

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Say what?

Summer 2006: Nordstroms. I saw the most adorable sales girl. She was wearing a long grayish tunic, leggings (it was 2006!) and jelly sandals. I marveled at her outfit, because she looked chic, professional and appropriate. In the fourth grade, I tried jellies... and then promptly realized how sweaty your feet get while wearing them. They are the epitome of uncomfortable, and a bit childish and tacky to me. Anyways, I was in extreme shock when I saw a few pairs of Stuart Weitzman shoes at Nordstroms (I think I shop there too much...)

Then, while reading my mother's Oprah magazine, I saw a whole page dedicated to the monstrosities.

Please tell me these are NOT coming back!

À la prochaine,

La Petite Californienne

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I have a problem...

I just bought four pairs of shoes in five days... It all started when I needed to buy shoes for graduation dress. I picked up a pair of $16 black and white heels from Me Too at Marshalls, which didn't match my dress but were cute and comfortable and cheap (also, after donating half my closet to the goodwill, I didn't have any other heels)

Is it just me, or does the Me Too logo look a lot like the Miu Miu logo?

After my jaunt to Marshalls, I went to Target and browsed through their shoe selection and again, although I didn't find anything, I scored some amazing flats:

I've been seriously coveting some animal print flats for awhile, and these are amazingly perfect. They are extremely comfortable and basically go with anything in my wardrobe. They dress up the basic jeans and teeshirt combo and I've been wearing them non-stop all week. Oh, and they were $14.99... In love fsho.

Still frustrated after not finding any shoes that matched my dress, I decided to go home for the day and try again later. Friday, I went to Nordstroms, arguably my favorite (expensive) store to find shoes... Again. My mom went with me this time, only because I didn't want to personally spend $60 on shoes. After circling the shoe department for 20 minutes, I settled on black pumps from BP. They're comfortable and go with everything and a wardrobe basic

As my mom was about to pay, I did a double take and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (no, not James Franco although he did come to my work once...) It was a gorgeous pair of T-strap sandals, and I have never obsessed over a pair of shoes quite like this before

This is what love at first sight must feel like. It's an inexplicable feeling that just makes you so attracted to something. The shoe was like a magnet, and I saw my mom's face fall when I asked the sales girl, in a breathy voice, "Can I see these in a 7.5?" They were (are) perfect, and even though they were a bit pricey ($80,) my mom relented and bought them for me. Even though I'm just lounging around at home, I'm still wearing them. If thats not true love then I don't know what is...

À la prochaine,

La Petite Californienne

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Who decided that such an unflattering and ill-fitting item of clothing would be the outfit that every single graduate would have to wear on their graduation day?

Because I would love to give them a piece of my mind...